The Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to Reduce Special Needs Students’ anger Related Problems: Theoretical Comparative Study.

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Dr. Adnan Althobaiti. Ph.D.



This research aims to reduce and/or diminish anger related problems in children and adolescents. It also sheds light on the similarities and differences between students’ responses to CBT, and compares the efficacy of CBT to other traditional approaches. Further, the sub-types of CBT are explored, especially, in the way of how each one of them functions. It was found that CBT is moderately effective to treat anger and anger related problems of children with special needs. Moderate effects also were found in individual variables such as feeling angry, aggressive behavior, and anger management skills. Comparing the efficacy of CBT to other approaches cannot arrive at valid judgment because comparative studies are very scarce. Implementation of CBT is examined in this research, and some suggestions for future research were discussed.


[1] (*) Ph.D. Department of Special Education - College of Education - Umm Al-Qura University.

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