The Effectiveness of Using Dictogloss on Iraqi EFL Secondary Students' Listening Comprehension of TED Talks Video Clips, TED Talks Video Clips, Dictogloss Technique, Listening Comprehension, Summary Writing, and Listening Anxiety

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Assistant Prof. Sana’Khalifa Salih



   This research explains how the dictogloss technique and TED talks can be used together to improve language learners' listening and writing skills. It examines the effects of the dictogloss technique on listening comprehension, summarizing, and listening anxiety among Iraqi EFL secondary students. 60 female students from a secondary school in Iraq, aged between 17 and 18, took part in the research. For instruction, the experimental group as well as the control group watched TED Talks videos. The Dictogloss technique was also applied to teach students in the experimental group how to write summaries and how to comprehend what they hear, whereas those in the control group were instructed using a conventional approach. Pre- and post-tests, as well as the listening anxiety questionnaire, were administered to get the necessary data. The findings reveal that the experienced group's students performed better than the control group's students with significant differences favoring the experimental group that was exposed to the Dictogloss technique. Pedagogical implications for EFL instructors are offered to improve students' language learning by incorporating the Dictogloss technique in EFL classrooms to raise students' listening comprehension of the foreign language, develop their skills in writing summaries and reduce listening anxiety.

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